Why Paradigm

Paradigm is a full-service Publishing House, and Printing Service Provider. We provide solutions that help authors, publishers, businesses, churches, and individuals exceed their percieved possibility, thereby redefining what’s possible.

Our goal is to provide innovative publishing and printing solutions characterized by precise detail and direct response to client’s goals. It's a known fact that several major publishers will not risk new authors, but at Paradigm House, we do not only work with established authors, we also intentionally work to discover new authors and help them launch their writing career. 

In our publishing partnership, we love to work with authors who are willing to work hard at consistently writing and developing a fan base. By partnering with the author, Paradigm provides all the professional services you need, and share the risk with you to get you published.

How do we “share the risk”? We provide a full array of tools and services to help you publish and make your book available for sale to millions of potential customers on international and local platforms; and with the Paradigm print-on-demand model, your books are always in stock and available to order. You never have to tie your money down to print and store so many copies, as self-publishing demands you to. 

It's our desire to improve the human experience, thus, we offer our clients brilliantly printed materials and flawlessly produced eBooks and audiobooks. We are distinguished for global standards, high level efficiency, and production excellence, delivering stunning prints of excellent artistry. 

Paradigm Provides:

  • ISBN Assignment & UPC Barcode
  • Books in Print Registration  
  • US Copyright
  • US Library of Congress Control Number
  • A range of services and tools to professionally create your own book from the comfort of your home, at a very minimal cost and upload for sale on our book platforms.
  • Print-On-Demand Services
  • Technical know-how and in-depth expertise developed over 16 years of experience, internationally and locally.
  • We offer long-term customer relationships based on responsiveness, respect and one-on-one support.
  • We provide a broad range of digital services, such as eBooks, eAudiobooks, and Audiobooks.
  • An opportunity to earn Royalties in Dollar for your books.
  • A range of high-quality printing services, from high-quality stationery printing to four-color off set-style digital printing. With presses that can handle most sizes and ultra-high resolutions.
  • If a job cannot be handled effectively in our facility, we will find the best alternatives and manage them for you cost-effectively.
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