With the Pro-Design Book tool using the Pro-Simple book Set Up option, Paradigm will place your book for sale on the Paradigm ‘Books Hub’ platform; but if using the Pro-Advanced Book Set Up option, Paradigm would place your book on our Books Hub and other International book sale platforms.

We will make your book as visible as possible for the audience to see, but we will not set a marketing plan in place to market your book; we will only give you the platform to do that on your own. However, you can buy into any of our book marketing plans (Call for more details on this).

You would need to send us a pdf format of your complete book interior and cover to review, and then we will work on producing the ebook and audiobook versions of the book, after all pricing and requirements are met.

When needed we can come up with creative copy content; and we also design and print.

We accept only pdf format. Resolution for best print results should be 300dpi.

Go to "MarketPlace" tab on our Home Page, then click on "Sign Up" to register, and upload your photo and profile.

Yes, you can place your book that is not published by Paradigm on the Paradigm ‘Books Hub’ for sale. All you have to do is sign up on the website, and upload your book, we will review it to make sure it meets our requirements for printing. We will contact you if it does not meet our requirements, and if it does, we will make it live for sale on the platform.

Yes, with the Pro-Design Book Tool, we offer on-demand book printing service. Once your book is uploaded on our Site with the Pro-Design Book tool, we print your book and mail to each customer as the book is ordered. We simply deduct the print/production cost from the cost of the book, and pay the author royalties from the profit.